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Nanhai Experimental Primary School was founded in September, 2000 and located in Nanhai district of Foshan, Guangdong province. Nanhai Experimental Primary School is located in the financial high tech district and adjacent to many high-tech industries. The campus is designed by a famous French architect.Our school has 33 classes, more than 1600 students and 230 teaching staff.

Nanhai Experimental Primary School was rewarded as the first class school of Guangdong province in November,2004,modern educational technology experimental school in 2005 and backbone teachers training base in 2012.The school consists the idea of "wide education" and strives to cultivating world citizens with national feelings.

Nanhai Experimental Primary School International Department is the first primary school in Foshan city to carry out the "internationalization of basic education research project" ,exploring methods of setting up course and learning in the background of educational internationalization , further enhance the level of internationalization of school education. 

Committed to creating the study style of "wide learning, good learning and happy learning" and teaching style of "wide teaching,good teaching and happy teaching",the school promotes the quality education from all aspects.Our school has the qualifications of foreign experts employment and we introduce foreign teachers from different countries every year.

Contact: Qiaoling Fan
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career opportunities


(1) Native speakers or non-native speakers with good accent

(2) 20-50 years old

(3) One year contract

(4) TEFL or TESOl certificate. Language major,good at singing and dancing or musical instruments are prefered

Job details:

(1) 16-18 classes every week, 45 minutes a class.free weeekends. Probably a class from 6 pm to 7 pm on Sunday per two months

(2) English, Maths, Science and Culture teaching for international class, oral English teaching for regular class

(3) 6-12 years old

(4) about 30 students in international class,50 students in regular class

(5) office hours: 9:00 am-5:30 pm, two days classes at nights per week, one will be finished at 7:10pm, the other will be finished at 8:15pm


(1) 7000-10000 RMB a month

(2) An fully furnished apartment shared by three teachers

(3)Statutory holiday,a day off for Christmas Day, about 40 days off for Summer holiday, 20 days off for Winter holiday

(4) 10000 RMB reimbursed for flight ticket after a year's contract

(5) Z visa provided by the school

(6) Medical and accident insurance

(7) About a month's salary provided as the bonus after a year's contract, which will depend on the teacher's performance on teaching

(8) A Chinese assitant

(9) Expenses are not included if there are any family members accompanying

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City Guide

Foshan City (fó shān shì 佛山市) is in the southwest of Guangdong Province (guǎng dōng shěng 广东省), 28 kilometers away from Guangzhou City (guǎng zhōu shì 广州市). With a population of 320,000, Foshan is one of China’s oldest pottery towns. It is in the central area of Zhujiang Delta (zhū jiāng sān jiǎo zhōu 珠江三角洲), the north to it is Guangzhou, the west to it is Zhaoqing (zhào qìng 肇庆), Zhuhai (zhū hǎi 珠海) is in the east and Jiangmen (jiāng mén 江门) is to the south.

There are many beautiful tourist attractions in Foshan, like Huang Feihong Memorial Hall (huáng fēi hóng jì niàn guǎn 黄飞鸿纪念馆), Xiqiao Mountain (xī qiáo shān 西樵山), Ancestral Temple (zǔ miào 祖庙), Shiwan (shí wān 石湾) etc., among them the first two are the most famous.

Huang Feihong Memorial Hall

Huang Feihong (1847–1924), was a martial artist, a medical doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and revolutionary who became a Chinese folk hero and the subject of numerous television series and films.

Teachers‘ testimonials

Foshan is a beautiful city.it is the third biggest city in Guangdong. There are many shops, hotels, theatres, parks, teahouses… .

Nanhai Experimental Primary School is a representative school of Nanhai. The campus is beautiful and has national feelings.