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Field Education was founded in 2011, to determine how best to educate Chinese children and has developed a widespread reputation in this industry throughout the years. We are dedicated to providing children with an excellent Western style education.

Field International Education(DingZhou) was established in 2017. DingZhou is a historical city with great culture and tourism resources.

It is important when we are young to learn a sense of love and responsibility, to develop good habits and an innovative spirit in order to have a successful future in the 21st Century.

We introduced the concept and system of privateschools in the United States, with an integrated curriculum system, as well as an integration of the characteristics of Chinese culture combined with traditional Chinese education qualities, which complement each other. We not only provide children with a foundation from which to learn English, but also a platform from which they can plan and build their futures.

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career opportunities


(1)Native English speakers; Non-native English speakers with native accent( IELTS/TOEFL required)

(2) Teaching experience preferred

(3) Below 40 years old, love children

(4) One year or half a year contract, full time work

Job details:

(1) 3-12 years old students

(2) 8-12 students each class

(3) 25 teaching hours and 10 office hours per week

(4) Working time: 1pm-8pm during weekdays, 8:30am-6:30pm at weekends

(5) Two days off during weekdays per week


(1) Month salary:15-20K for native English teachers; 10-15K for non-native English teachers

(2) Free private furnished apartment with WIFI provided

(3) Z visa and accidental insurance provided

(4) Paid holidays and team travel

(5) Chinese assistance teachers

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City Guide

DingZhou is a historical city with great culture and tourism resources.

Dingzhou is 196 kilometres southwest of Beijing, 68 kilometres northeast of Shijiazhuang.

Dingzhou city

zhongshan park

Liaodi Pagoda

Teachers‘ testimonials

Field Education provides a place for nuture for children of different ages.

Class by class they become stronger and more confident in themselves and in with their language.

Working at institutions like Field Education is highly competitive and selective. The company looks for candidates who can take real challenges. As a result, Field Education considers its professionally recruited employees more than other companies as each person is given a lot of independence and responsibility. The opportunity to work full-time but continue to be an individual, triggers creativity and leads to success in a positive working environment.

Field’s students are engaged in activities scaffolding theories about how the world around them works and their learning experience is built around social interaction and shared tasks such as student-student or student-teacher interactions, making them become more successful.

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